Shadows Over Nerath

Journal Entry #924
From the journal of Heterodyne Sturmhalten, assistant to Nikolai Sturmhalten

Dear Journal.

What an exciting day today! Well, I already told you how I ran into a colorful bunch of travelers the other night, and how we had a sleepover as well! Well, Daswei Irontoes decided to run off during the night. I’m not sure how she did so, considering I was up all night (I think she might has snuck put when I went to go change my lubricant, but then, how did I not notice her missing? I might have to perform a diagnostics on my optics soon). I was sad to see her go.

Sslarn and I went to go see the lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig, and he told us about a bunch of kobolds who were harassing the town and asked us to deal with them for him. In return, he offered us assistence in the search for Mr. Sturnhalten. We met up with Lord Padraig’s expert hunter, Aven, and set off to find those pesky kobolds (which was on the way to Mr. Sturnhalten’s last known whereabouts, at the supposed dragon’s grave).

On the way, we ran into a band of marauding kobolds! I felt like one of the adventurers in all of the fictions I have at home! We thoroughly trounced those vagabonds with the aid of a very ragged human sorceror named Falvel, who happened upon the tumult. I could tell he had the know-how to manifest primal arcane energy, but it seemed out-of-control, like it was barely contained. It was all very exciting and fascinating. I might have to learn how he achieves his effects.

We hit a metaphorical crossroads upon finishing with the kobold party: left to the rest of the kobolds, or right towards Mr. Sturmhalten. We decided that Mr. Sturmhalten can wait, so we pursued the kobolds, which was surprisingly easy. We hid in the treeline, which was surprising considering Sslarn, who isn’t exactly deft of feet. Me, I had my handy Joint Dampening mechanisms initiated in time (it takes about five minutes to ready which is usually enough time for us to get caught, thus rendering the action moot, I’ve come to find. I’ll have to take the whole system back to the drawing board, it seems).

Anyways, we jumped right into the fray and defeated many a kobold that day! We might be murderers in the strictest sense of the word, since we opened fire without any warnings, but my companions tell me they had it coming. I’ll be pondering this through the night while my adventuring party sleeps (did I mention I’m an adventurer now?!) Anyways, we were mopping up real well when this strange fellow hops out of the trees and starts helping us, before disappearing into the shrubbery again. A curious fellow. Before I could fathom as to why he keeps flitting to and from sight, the kobold leader dashes off into the waterfall. Well, being an adventurer now, I decided to follow, but Sslarn beat me to it. Probably for the better, since he was summarily surrounded.

I mean, holy socks, Journal, there must have been a good dozen of them, all surrounding poor Sslarn, so I decided to jump in there save the day!

I didn’t save the day.

A goblin came out of nowhere and proceeded to educated us on the fine art of pain >.< Sslarn was the first to go, and before I could revive him, I was offline as well. When I awoke, I found that Aven and that curious fellow were cornered on the other end of the cave, and Sslarn was standing above me. I looked over, and the poor sorceror we met earlier was already dead. I’ll miss him. We eventually defeated the goblin and his kobold friends (which is when the goblin said something about Orcus, the demon lord). We decided we’ve taken enough damage for one day, and that it was time to settle down for repairs. I am recording our days trials before I power down for the night. I think that’s all we did for tonight, Journal, so until tomorrow, good night!

PS. The silly stealthy person was an elven ranger named Gyd. I’m sure we’ll be best of friends!

The adventure begins...
The journey to Winterhaven
Three travelers met on the King’s Road while journeying to the town of Winterhaven. Sslarn, a male dragonborn champion of Bahamut, and his companion, Daswei Irontoes, a female dwarven warrior, were on their way to investigate rumors of a death cult in the vicinity of Winterhaven. Heterodyne, a warforged obsessed with the alchemical sciences, was searching for the his lost master and some rare alchemical reagents that he left months ago to find. Considering the dangerous nature of travel in the Vale these days, the three decided to continue their journey to Winterhaven together. The morning the companions were to reach Winterhaven, they were set upon by a group of kobold bandits. The creatures fought fiercely, but were no match for the combined magic and steel of the companions. The travelers reached Winterhaven late that afternoon, and quickly settled into quarters at Wrafton’s Inn. Sslarn went to go pay his respects at the temple, and then later joined the others back at the inn. Daswei enjoyed a hearty meal, and some mediocre ale (but what else can one expect from a human establishment?). Heterodyne was subjected to the curious gazes of the locals, especially an old scholar. Sslarn later returned to the inn, and spoke with the local leader, Lord Padraig. He made arrangements to speak with the Lord at his home in the morning…
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